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If you need a rudder, tiller, or hatch boards for your sailboat, I have patterns, measurements and jigs for many different popular boats.  Below is a list of some of the patterns I have currently, if you do not find the part for your boat listed, please contact me and chances are that I can still make it. Shipping the needed part to me is best when I do not have the patterns, if feasible. If not it is still probable that I can make the part, from pictures and measurements that I will help you to provide. 

Here is a list of a few of the patterns I have:

Aquarius 21 Rudder

Bucaneer 22 Tiller

Catalina 22 Tiller

Catalina 22 Rudder

Capri 25 Tiller

Clipper Marine 25 Tiller

Compac 16 Tiller

Cortez 16 Rudder

Daysailor 16 Rudder

Dolphin Sr & Jr Rudder

Ensanada Tiller

Guppy 13 Tiller

Guppy 13 Kick-Up Rudder

Guppy 13 Tiller Replacement

McGregor 22 Rudder

Mini Fish Rudder

Montgomery 17 Rudder

Montgomery 17 Kick-Up Rudder

Montgomery 17 Tiller

Pearson Ariel Tiller

Potter 15 Rudder

Sage 15 & 17 Tiller

Sage 15 & 17 Rudder

Sailfish Rudder

Sea Pearl 21 tiller

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