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Custom Made components

If you need a rudder, tiller, or hatch boards for your sailboat, I have patterns, measurements and jigs for many different popular boats.  Below is a list of some of the patterns I have currently, if you do not find the part for your boat listed, please contact me and chances are that I can still make it. Shipping the needed part to me is best when I do not have the patterns, if feasible. If not it is still probable that I can make the part, from pictures and measurements that I will help you to provide. 

Here is a list of a few of the patterns I have:

Aquarius 21 Rudder

Bucaneer 22 Tiller

Catalina 22 Tiller

Catalina 22 Rudder

Capri 25 Tiller

Clipper Marine 25 Tiller

Compac 16 Tiller

Cortez 16 Rudder

Daysailor 16 Rudder

Dolphin Sr & Jr Rudder

Ensanada Tiller

Guppy 13 Tiller

Guppy 13 Kick-Up Rudder

Guppy 13 Tiller Replacement

McGregor 22 Rudder

Mini Fish Rudder

Montgomery 17 Rudder

Montgomery 17 Kick-Up Rudder

Montgomery 17 Tiller

Pearson Ariel Tiller

Potter 15 Rudder

Sage 15 & 17 Tiller

Sage 15 & 17 Rudder

Sailfish Rudder

Sea Pearl 21 tiller

Please contact us for pricing.

Custom Boat Building

If you have a boat design that you would like to have built please use the contact form at the bottom of this page and lets talk about your project. 

If you do not have an exact plan in mind I would highly recommend looking at the plans located at https://www.duckworks.com/ and https://bandbyachtdesigns.com/ for a design that will suit your needs.

Custom boatbuilding pricing varies by design and how many hours are estimated by the designer to build your boat.  The materials and supplies are billed to you at our cost.

My shop is small and this limits the size of boat that I can build to about 20 feet.

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